Excellence in the science of Mastering.

Professional, no compromise Hi-Definition Audio Mastering, for Vinyl, CD  and Digital Download formats, all in one world class, high resolution studio that combines state of the art sound equipment with unrivalled sonic clarity. Using the technical expertise of our highly experienced audio mastering engineers, Jason Mitchell and Richard Willan will ensure your project is delivered at its very best, whichever format you choose to release on. Located in the South West of England in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere, the main analogue studio has a mix of vintage and modern outboard equipment carefully designed to coax the best possible sound from your mixes. Let us take your music to the next level with proven ears, technical ability and confidence. From major record companies, independent labels and an online service, LOUD Mastering is a cut above the best.

Timeless Mastering

Jason and Rich specialise in creating timeless mastering. With John Dent founding LOUD Mastering in 1995 and setting the enviable standard, Jason joined in 1997 to  hone his skill while working alongside him in the main studio. Now, LOUD is pleased to introduce our second engineer into the team. Working with Jason, Rich brings a new approach and a fresh set of ears to be studio. The idea is simple: your music should be appreciated not just now but in the years to come. Investing in your music career properly, by using the skill of an experienced mastering engineer and the technology in this world class studio, the results on your music will stand that test of time, maybe even become a new future classic?

MPG Mastering Engineer of the Year 2014 – John Dent!

John picked up the award for work on various albums that year (Goldfrapp and Coldspecks to name a couple) and to recognise the decades of mastering he’s provided to the music business. His passion and his skill for mastering are widely respected throughout the world and Jason is privileged to share his knowledge and craft over the last 20 years! John’s CV speaks for itself with clients far and wide spotting his moniker carved into the runout groove of both classic records and modern cuts. Seeking out either engineer’s skillset and having Mastered at LOUD on your album or single sets a standard that is recognised with respect and confidence. It is sad that his knowledge has passed with him but so much is left in the engineers he trained.
Sadly, John left us after a long battle with cancer on December 29th 2017. The studio legacy lives on with Jason at the helm but John will always remain proudly at it’s heart.


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